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Your dog may be a candidate to be a blood donor:
55 lbs or over
1-8 years of age
current in vaccinations
even temperament

For more information, contact us at:
or call us: 204.632.2586





Patton is a St. Bernard who wears many hats. Besides being a blood donor; he can be found at the airport greeting flight crews, roaming senior homes as a pet therapy dog and most recently on the lookout as a search and rescue dog. Patton is all business when he has a job to do but off duty he subscribes to the credo; ‘why stand when you can sit and why sit when you can lie down.’

Turn Ons: 

  • Car ride with the windows rolled down
  • Large milk bones
  • Parks with kids
  • Dinner time

Turn Offs:

  • Car ride with the windows rolled up
  • Kiddie pools with ‘no dogs allowed’ signs
  • Stuffy French Poodles

Pet Peeves: 

  • People asking for a ride
  • Cujo – It was a movie!!


Forest Forest

Forest’s presentation

Hi everyone!

My name is Forest of the Heidi Saints Hill. I was born in Cremona, Alberta and cared for by Mama Marion. She also cares for many other Saints, as she likes to call us all. I am somewhat special, as I was the runt of the litter and I only had a litter of small puppies. I am the daughter of Canarctic O’William, Canada’s beauty champion many years in a row and of Mama Chi-To Too. My grandpa, William, was also famous for his beauty and many times national champion. I have two sisters and five brothers. I hope they all ended up in good families. As you can see I come from a prestigious family. Three years ago, my forever parents, Camelia and Constantin came to Alberta to adopt me and bring me home, to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I had a wonderful life in Alberta, in the woods, but now I have an even better one. I live with my sisters Chia, a Chow-Chow cross, Slurpee, a very lazy English bulldog and three cats, all well behaved.  I have communication problems with Catherine, the biggest one.  Other than that, I am busy all day long, eating, sleeping, digging and being petted by many, many kids, adults and seniors, who, of course, call me Beethoven. I also live with two teenage girls, Antonia and Stefania. They are pretty busy all day long, but love me dearly. I hang around volleyball, American football and swimming teams, as they are the ones I meet very often.

My favourite field in the world is Pan-Am. I spend many afternoons there with Slurpee and my parents. Mostly my mom, as she is the one that takes care of me most of the time after she comes home.

I like everyone and my biggest pet peeve is when adults or kids avoid me and think I am too big to deserve their attention or too slobbery (something I cannot control). But for the most part, I am very, very popular and get way too much attention, which I enjoy very much.

I love rolling over in the grass, being scratched with a big brush, and of course, my favourites are the big bones. My dad is the food provider and he gets a lot of hugs when he comes home. I have cousins in Romania and a grandpa. Recently, I lost my friend, Chia and that left me very sad. I have big beds, a keg ordered from the States and I also enjoy car rides with the windows open. Every four months or so I donate blood for the sick doggies across Canada. I am happy to be able to do that. I have many canine and feline friends: Ogie, the terrier, Brownie, also a Terrier, Mika and Marley, two Mastiffs, Jasper, a Shi-Tzu, Milo, a Lab, Winston – The Newfie - with whom I run at the Pan Am field, Louis Cornelius, a Beagle, Lia-Louise, a Bichon and many others. Sorry, guys for not mentioning you all.  I also met Patton once, at “the Paws in Motion” event, two summers ago. During Halloween, I wore a Witch hat and greeted all my little friends, who were happy to see me in front of the house. Generally speaking, I am well behaved, I cross the street when the light says so, I understand three languages, know quite a few commands and like to lick all the cats I meet (If you have one at home, let me know).

I have to go now, as it is getting late and need to go for a walk. You know the Speedy Gonzales thing, which I do with my mom and run like crazy after her. My nickname is Broomhilda, like the Visigoth princess, a very pretty one. Best wishes to all of you for the New Year and the years to come!

Love, Forest

The Watt K-9 Family

The Watt K-9 Family

Lex, or otherwise affectionately known as, ‘fat boy’ by his family because of his love for food, is an 8 yr old German Shepherd. This Shepherd plays an amazing goalie in kickball, one of his favorite past times.

At 7 yrs old, Boss a German Shepherd is a retired police dog who once trained with the RCMP and worked as a team with his owner Judi Watt walking the streets of Nanaimo and North Vancouver for 4 ½ yrs before moving to Manitoba.

Both Lex and Boss donated blood for the first time in Vancouver when another police dog fell from a roof during a search for explosives.

Tucker, a 5 yr old Border Collie was rescued from a puppy mill as a replacement for the loss of Max, whose passing away left Boss and Lex traumatized.

Since moving to Manitoba, Boss, Tucker and Lex donated blood at Dauphin Vet clinic when the Canadian Animal Blood Bank (CABB) had a mobile clinic there and have now since begun donating in Winnipeg.

When Gus, a 1 ½ yr old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was found wandering the streets of Dauphin, MB at just 6 wks of age he became a keeper upon meeting and adapting well to the Watt K-9 family.

All four dogs spend their days playing on an acreage tagging alongside one of three young children.

Sadly both Boss and Lex have since passed away. Tucker turns 13 this year and Gus is 9. (2013)Youngest recruit Hercules does not have the patience as his housemates, but we hope he will give up his ‘wiggly’ ways with maturity (he is 4 years old, 2013).

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