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Your dog may be a candidate to be a blood donor:
55 lbs or over
1-8 years of age
current in vaccinations
even temperament

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Copper’s Success Story

Copper A wild rabbit is spotted and a chase ensues. The rabbit runs for cover under a nearby porch. With confidence the bunny pops his head out to peer at his pursuer, a bewildered yet excited 16 wk. old puppy.

“Copper,” a Golden Retriever / Bloodhound cross was just settling into his new home after being adopted from an animal shelter when this unlikely friendship developed.

Sadly, their song and dance was interrupted shortly before the end of Copper’s first week home when he became severely ill.

Copper contracted Parvovirus, a potentially deadly disease which affects the stomach and intestine, before his immunizations could take effect and aid in the prevention.

The time Copper spent at Pembina Veterinary Hospital was extremely difficult for his adoptive parents as they missed having him at home.

CopperThe animal hospital gave supportive care to Copper as there is no treatment to cure Parvovirus.

One evening, Copper took a turn for the worse when he developed pneumonia. He was not doing well and they feared he wouldn’t last the night.

The veterinarian treating Copper decided to try administering a blood transfusion.

Fortunately, there was blood at the Canadian Animal Blood Bank during this unexpected emergency. At times the shelves are bare but thankfully due to a recent blood donor clinic, Copper’s much needed plasma was available.

While the plasma didn’t cure Copper’s illness, it gave him the strength to make it through the night and fight the disease long enough to recover.

Copper is now once again a vibrant puppy, reacquainting himself with the bunny from under the porch.


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