Become A Pack Member

Our Donor Criteria

We would love to enlist every healthy dog as a donor but for the safety of both donor and recipient we must select donors meeting the following criteria:

• Healthy and even-tempered

• Weighs 25 kg (55 lbs) or more

• Between 1 and 8 years of age

• Up to date with vaccinations or with proof of titres

• On heartworm and tick preventative medication (recommended)

Benefits Of Becoming A Donor

You will be proud that your participation in this unique activity will support other dogs recovery of illness or injury, as well, your dog receives:

• One complimentary blood product for each unit of blood donated, should the need ever arise

• Free microchip identification

• Bandana & blood donor tag

• Milestone dog tags every 5 donations

• Complimentary testing for blood-borne diseases and heartworm. Any abnormal results will be forwarded to your veterinarian.

• Every unit of blood that is collected can help up to three dogs across Canada.

The CABB invests significantly in its donors by microchipping for identification and screening for blood-born diseases. We therefore ask that all donors commit to a minimum of eight donations approximately 3 months apart (two years) to enter the program. We have many donors who have been in the program for over 5 years on this schedule.

Why Dogs Donate

You and your dog will be supporting patients nationwide, allowing veterinarians to treat dogs with conditions such as:

• Cancer Therapy Support

• Rat Poison Toxicity

• Anemia, Parvovirus Infections, and Von Willebrand’s Disease

• Surgery and Times of Trauma

• Immune Mediated Diseases

If you are interested in helping to save the lives of other dogs, please contact your veterinarian to fill out our Donor Enrollment Form. Your veterinarian will ensure that your pet meets our donor criteria.

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